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Once you buy this pass you will have to wait to use it.


Please check your spam email folders for your instructional email of what happens next. 


This pass is our intro offer for all our new customers. Get this pass to try 2 classes in a 30 day period.  One pass per customer and new customers only.

Terms & Conditions apply. Use within 30 days from when the pass is purchased.



This is NOT an unlimited pass you get 2 classes to try for £16 in a 30 day period.

If you cancel or do not attend you will lose the pass that you booked with. There are no refunds available for passes. We do not garuntee that you can get in to all classes instantly, you may have to book in advance to get in to our popular classes but we will ensure that your pass doesn't expire before you get a chance to use it if classes are full. We can not garuntee that your pass won't expire if you can't make any of the classes on the timetable.

Intro pass for £16 (2 classes)

  • How do you get and use your pass?
    Please check your spam email folder - after you buy the pass we will send you an email with LOADS of info in, including what happens next, the types of classes for you and how to get your pass.

    We use a booking system called Gymcatch - we will set your account up for you and put your pass in there so keep an eye out for a second email.

    *Please note, the email with your login details for Gymcatch will come from a separate email address.*

    I will email you within the next 48 hours to let you know when your pass is ready and go through the different class options so we can get you booked into the right classes to try.

    Your 30 days will start from the date of your purchase.

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