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Reduce Pain.
Move Better. Get Fitter

Pilates made easy

Reduce Pain.
Move Better. Get Fitter

Pilates made easy

PilatEASE UK helps you take control of your body to feel stronger, fitter and healthier in your everyday life

Reduce Pain

Offering specialised classes for those who are…

Struggling with chronic pain due to a health condition such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Arthritis, MS & Fibromyalgia.

About to have or recently had joint replacement surgery. 

Worried things will get worse and want a safe way to exercise. 

Move Better

Offering a range of classes for those who are…

Finding everyday tasks harder to do without feeling aches and pains. Worried they are too unfit or  too old to exercise.


Wanting to feel stronger, move more easily, maybe trim a few inches and feel more confident in how they look.

Get Fitter

Offering classes for those who are…


Already physically active and want to improve their core strength.


Noticing their muscles are getting tighter and need to improve their flexibility.
A bit skeptical about how Pilates can really help them. Are serious about achieving their fitness goals. 

Pilatease studio

Pilates Classes

Our classes are small in number to ensure our expertly trained instructors give you the attention you need. At PilatEASE UK you’re more than just a name to us.  We may take our Pilates seriously but we also like to have a bit of fun along the way too. The specialist classes we recommend depend upon where you are at right now and how you want to look and feel going forward. 

Pilates Studio

Whilst our fabulous studio is open, you can still access our virtual classes online. It's a first floor studio, with wide stairs and no lift. We are above the Northwood Estate Agency.

Our car park is opposite the studio, next to Denton Burn Library or on Broadwood Road which is opposite the studio. There is NO PARKING in the street behind as it is a private road. Please park responsibly. There is a small space for bikes to be stored in the foyer too.

We make it EASY to do Pilates!

Speak to us

If you would like to learn more about PilatEASE UK, have any questions and discuss how we can help your needs in further detail, please contact us. Schedule a call with Nicci via the chat or send us a message via the form. And we’ll get back to you with availability as soon as possible.

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